Equation Group is a presistor ladder DAC in 4hp, made up entirely of passive components. It's simple design allows it to have many functions in the context of a modular system, including gate / trig to weighted CV conversion, CV and audio mixing, and fixed attenuation. It's a very underrated design, and Wildfire is excited to bring you our version.



  • 4HP wide
  • Skiff-friendly
  • Completely passive
  • 8 settable bits
  • Mathematically infinite applications*

* demonstrably false



    These are the 8 settable bits in the DAC (digital to analog converter). You can also think of / approach these as 8 fixed attenuators. The closer to the main I/O jack, the LESS attenuation there is. Depending on how you use the module, these can act as either inputs or outputs.


    This is, shockingly, the main input or output. As above, weather it is an input or output is dependent on how you're using the EG.


  • Jacks closer to one another influence each other more - in general, due to it's passive nature, signals will influence others in strange ways. Use this to your advantage.

  • Take an LFO and patch it into the main I/O. The top jacks will now output that same signal 8 times with different levels of attenuation. Use one for an oscillators 1v/oct for a TG sound, one for the filter, etc.

  • If you have a handful of logic signals, you can create whatever stepped CV you want. Put a fast LFO in front (ie, patch it closer to the I/O) for tremolo effects.

  • Some trivia - the Equation Group is an APT (advanced persistent threat, in layman's terms a hacker group) that is widely believed to be connected to the NSA's TAO (tailored access operations) unit. They tend to love encryption and use software similar to what the NSA was found to use post- Snowden disclosures.


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